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Overview of Kamwenge District


Kamwenge became one of the Districts of Uganda in November 2000 by Act of Parliament and became operational in July 2001. It is geographically located in Western Uganda and can be accessed from Kampala, the Capital City of Uganda, either through Mbarara Town via Ibanda or Mubende - Fort Portal road via Fort Portal town, a distance of 385km.

Kamwenge shares boundaries with Kasese in the west and Ibanda in the South-East, and Rubirizi formerly under Bushenyi in the South. Kabarole in Northwest and Kyenjojo in the North and Kyegegwa in the North-East. It has a total land area of approximately 2,439.4 km2.

Generally the district lies at an altitude ranging from 1300- 3800m above sea level.


General Information about Kamwenge District

Executive Summary from Chief Administrative Officer

I warmly welcome you to this website which should form the platform for information sharing on Kamwenge District Local Government. kamwenge District Local Government as any other District is established and derives its mandate from the Constitution of...

SWOT Analysis for Kamwenge District

During the planning stage a SWOT review was done and the following issues emerged as shown in table 1.20 emerged. The SWOT provides a basis of strategic interventions for the sector priorities in the subsequent chapters. The sectors capitalise on the...

Major development challenges facing the district

This chapter identifies and reviews major development challenges facing Kamwenge district. A critical analysis and comparison with national level service indicators in some instances has been given. It examines cross-cutting issues and mentoring issues...

Physical Planning Office

Physical planning is one of the sectors under the Department of Natural Resources. It is responsible for Cartography and production of deed plans, drawing of structure and detailed layout plans, recommendation of building plans, carrying out site visits...

Economy of Kamwenge District

Majority of the people in the district engage in subsistence agriculture where cultivation of food crops such as bananas, maize, beans, finger millet, cassava, groundnuts, sweet potatoes and potatoes (Irish) is dominant. In the sub-counties of Nkoma,...

Communication from the Chairperson LC V-Kamwenge

      The Development Plan provides a framework for policies, growth priorities and resources for Kamwenge District for the period 2011/2012-2015/2016.  It highlights the major achievements that the District has made in the financial year 2010/11...

Demographic Indicators

Total land area           2,439.4 km2
Total Population
(Projection 2011)
 Number of House holds     77,853
Total female (Projection 2010)   154,800
Total male (Projection 2010)    169,600
Population Density 114.5 Persons/Km


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